Combination 5

Combination 5

Rp 150,000Rp 340,000

2x French ottoman [FO/049]
2x Tiffany chair white [TW/017]
1x Louis 15th Armchair [L15/043]
1x french cocktail table [FCT/003]
2x Smoking table [SMT/006]
1x Altar table [AT/017]
1x French settee [FS/046]
3x French armchair [FA/050]
1x Cupcake table [CUT/019]

Total price 4,320,000


Rp 300,000
Rp 150,000
Rp 275,000
Rp 340,000
Rp 230,000

Product Description

French colonial furniture is very popular to add that special something to your wedding.

If you are looking for something different and don’t want the traditional white look, this would be ideal for you.