Combination 4

Combination 4

Rp 250,000Rp 930,000

2x Solid teak table with legs [STTL/007]
3x French armchair [FA/050]
1x French long bench [FLB/051]
4x Louis 15th Caneback chair [L15C/045]
1x Tuffed ottoman large [TOL/030]
1x Tuffed ottoman medium [TOM/031]
1x Cupcake table [CUT/019]
2x French cocktail table [FCT/003]
1x French settee [FS/048]

Total price 6,115,000


Rp 350,000
Rp 250,000
Rp 345,000
Rp 290,000
Rp 520,000
Rp 400,000
Rp 930,000

Product Description

Give your guests something to talk about for weeks.

This dining setup suits any villa or event.

Classy and elegant, looks expensive but it isn’t!!!!